Ways To Discipline Your Cat

Unlike dogs, cats can be very difficult to train and discipline. Cats usually have their own way and mind their own business and hardly cares about their owners. They like to be left to make their own decisions. Cats have been pets for centuries, dating back to the Egyptian era. They have been treated as royalty and hence most cats have an almighty attitude by nature. However, it is not impossible to train them so here are some of the ways to train them.

  • Prepare yourself and your cat
    To discipline a cat, it is essential to understand his attitude and behaviour. Observe him for a few days and also do a background check on him. If you adopted him from a breeder who has treated, groomed and taught them to use the dog doors Melbourne, you have nothing worry about. However, if your cat has been in a rough household with lots of abuse, he might take time to adjust with you and may also act violently at times. So, find your cat’s motivator. It could be a treat he loves. Keep it in hand, ready to reward him. Also, a tip for you; training a cat needs a lot of patience so don’t give up or strike him the minute he refuses to obey you. He will resent you forever. If you show him love and care, he will definitely listen to you.
  • Train him
    You need to provide for his needs. Cats naturally like to run, bite, chew, climb and play. Put up a few scratching posts around the house so that he does not ruin your custom cut glass Melbourne doors. Bring him toys such as wool balls, stuffed mice etc. to chew on. if not, he’ll chew your slippers. Create a little kitty playground in your home and let him know he isn’t allowed outside that. You too play with him and spend time so that he knows he can rely on you. Do not think twice to reward good behaviour with his favourite treats. Then he will learn that such good habits need to be learnt and repeated.
  • Discipline him
    Most importantly, you need to first show him who is the boss. Most cats take your love for granted and may act mischievously. You need to ensure he knows that such behaviour isn’t accepted. Use a special tone of voice as a warning. If he isn’t ready to budge, remove him from the situation. For example, if he gets on the dining table and eats your food, lock him away from the room. His cries may melt you but only then will he realize it shouldn’t be repeated.broken-window