The Solar Energy Hot Water System & Their Respective Emergency Plumber Situations

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In the age of urbanization and modernization, engineers develop the techniques which make our houses, offices, and other workplaces more reliable. It fascinates the man’s life by providing us with ease. Here is the technique of the Hot Water System which keeps our houses warm by the boiler system. It works on the principle of gravity, friction, pressure, suction pumps, radiation, and convection. This Hot Water System is of many types. It includes solar energy hot water storage tanks, electrical hot water systems, and natural gas hot water system in newtown.


This system is introduced by the technicians which used the solar heat to warm the water. This consist of thermal collector. Flat plate, evacuated tube, suction pumps, bubble pump, controller and tank. This technique used in Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Australia, Germany and China. Since 2000, China promotes solar water heating processes. In a survey, hot water system was estimated that nearly 30 million people in the china installed this system. In 2005, Spain is in second highest rank which use this technique in houses and other work places.

Solar panels are installed which face the sunlight. Hot water system warm the water. Hot water system consists of concentrating solar mirrors which collect the sunlight energy in the solar panel.  This technique give the efficiency between 7 to 25%. This solar panel may be connected with the electric and gas supply. On the large scale installation, solar energy is collected to the thermal collector which converts the cool water in to hot water by absorbing the heat in the collector.


We can get the maximum output if we take care to prevent the water from the overheating.

  • Freeze Protection: The solar system tank consist of an anti-freeze which keeps the water warm. Moreover, this section is designed in such a way that it prevent the back flow of the liquid. Silicon rubber tubes are usually used which acts as an insulator.
  • Overheat Protection: When the hot water is not used for 2-3 days. It has the possibility that hot water system can reach at its high temperature so there should be a system in which the hot water pump stops when reached at its desire able temperature.


  • The solar panel depends upon the intensity of the solar radiation and these radiation vary from each other in summer and winter season
  • In day and night cycle, he has to face the ambient change in temperature.
  • There is chance of freezing shower and overheating.


An Emergency Plumber in colac is required when you experiences the following symptoms:

  • Overheating of water.
  • Water starts to change their colour.
  • Smell of leakage gas in terms of usage of natural gas operator.
  • Water noises in the storage tank.
  • Water temperature fluctuation.
  • Corrosion on the water heaters