Role Of A Psychologist During Counselling


Counselling is long process of sharing, collaborating, exploring and finding a solution. This requires time and a trust-worthy relationship between the patient and psychologist in burwood. It is important to understand to ensure the well-being of individual both physically and mentally.

Psychologist involved in counselling

Counselling can be involved at any stage of life and is primarily for those with extreme mental and emotional breakdown. It helps to move towards betterment and adapt to positive changes in lifestyle. It even contributes to socio-economic improvement and development of an individual and nation. Counselling is not conducted by a normal physician or doctor it requires the assistance of a skilled counsellor, usually referred as psychologist. A psychologist is basically a psychotherapist master in identifying the hidden or extreme abnormalities in a person’s emotions or feelings.

Counselling is one to one interaction session based entirely on helping and humanistic approaches of treating the suffering of patient. First job of psychologist is just to listen to the patient and drive the outcome from his speech. He must not dictate the patient nor impose statements over him. A psychotherapist does not advice nor judge patient’s words and activities. He solely is responsible for providing the freedom of speech to the individual to express his feelings, emotions and desires. Psychologist provides opportunities to individuals whenever he wants guidance on any matter and at times of extreme stress. They lead patients to make their own path in life, steadily achieve their specific goals according to desires, lower aggression levels and most importantly make them come to ease mentally.

Skills of psychologist

A counselling related psychologist must not only be a certified doctor; there are other skills that make him qualified for a psychotherapist job. Communication ability is the most basic requirement for a good psychologist in order to begin and continue an honest conversation. This includes a variety of other skills that are needed for a successful counselling session. These are as follows:

  • Make the patient comfortable
  • Should be a good listener
  • Have imaginative power
  • Clarification in thoughts
  • Reflection over patient’s statements
  • Healthy question and answer session
  • Show confidence in patient
  • Do not develop emotional bond with the client
  • Guide them to their choice and solution

Thus, during counselling, psychologist must be empathetic to see the things from the patient’s point of view. Counselling is long process but it is done in a pleasant environment, sometimes even humorous. The psychotherapists do not try to change your views but helps to drew out conclusion or solutions to issues from patient’s own beliefs. Thus, a cordial and trust worthy relation is necessary between psychologist and his patient.


Certain individuals seek professional medical help to improve their lifestyle from psychological abnormalities. A proper counselling session by a trained psychologist is ideal for this job. The client must ensure the capability of counsellor to undergo a complete session. A good psychologist ensures the comfort of patient, does not stresses on his own ideas, listens carefully to speaker, reflects and helps him to reach solution to his issues through his own beliefs. However, it is not always easy and same for each counselling case.